"I’m grateful to have this opportunity to keep working on my writing and on myself with such an amazing group of women. Thank you, Adriana, for putting this group together, for leading us to wonderful places and for creating a safe container in which I can do just that. I learn so much in each class I feel that in a matter of weeks my writing has grown tremendously."
 ~ Zahava Sherez

About Adriana Diaz, MA, CPC

Adriana Díaz, is a Certified Professional Coach, author, educator, and exhibiting artist. The granddaughter of Spanish immigrants, she is a bi-lingual California native. She received a B.A. in Art, with a minor in Speech and Drama, from Cal State University East Bay where she also earned a California State Elementary Teaching Credential. Later, she studied Method Acting, Analytical Psychology, and eventually earned a Master’s Degree in Culture and Spirituality at Holy Names University in Oakland, California.

Adriana has taught all ages of students from Kindergarten to Elder Hostel. She’s been Adjunct Instructor and Lecturer at New College of California, John F. Kennedy University, Naropa University West, and the University of Creation Spirituality. Her seminars and studio courses have guided students into a personal and social exploration of the political and ethical roles of creativity and spirituality in culture and personal life. She has lectured and facilitated workshops at conferences, universities, and events across North America, in New Zealand, and Argentina. More recently, she has worked intensively teaching and designing curriculum for Transition Age Youth in connection with the Health and Human Resource Education Center and Alameda County Behavioral Healthcare.

Adriana Diaz is the author of Freeing the Creative Spirit, Drawing on the Power of Art to Tap the Magic and Wisdom Within (Harper San Francisco, 1992). Her essays are included in two anthologies, The Soul of Creativity, Ed. By Tona Pearce Myers (New World Library) and Sacred Voices, Essential Women’s Wisdom Through the Ages, Ed. By Mary Ford-Grabowsky (Harper San Francisco). At this writing, her first novel, Persephone’s Tango, is seeking representation.

In 2014 Adriana brought to life a vision that had incubated for nearly a year: a program called Women Write Now! In the spring of that year she began conducting intimate writing classes for groups of five to six women in which coaching skills and teaching method blend together to develop the voice and strengthen the technical skills of each participant.

A visual artist since 1968, Adriana’s work has appeared in print as book illustration, book jacket, and CD cover design, and in magazine reproductions. Her work is included in the book The Spirituality of Art, by Lois Huey-Heck and Jim Kalnin (Northstone Publishing). Her fine art is in collections around the United States, and Canada. Go to for gallery of images and more information.

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