Freeing the Creative Spirit
"Brush With God, Creativity as Practice and Prayer"
"Tantric Tango"
"Coach Taps Art as Source of Inspiration for Life"

Freeing the Creative Spirit
Drawing on the Power of Art to Tap the Magic and Wisdom Within (HarperSan Francisco).

A New Way of Seeing,
and Being in,
the World

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Adriana Diaz honors the inherently creative nature of the human spirit in this practical, stimulating, and celebratory guide for artists and nonartists alike. Freeing the Creative Spirit melds art and spirituality, treating painting and drawing as playful yet powerful tools for connecting with the self, the world, and the divine. Diaz, a teacher who has seen her Creative Meditation methods change lives, heals psyches, andenrich relationships, offers both technical and emotional support. Her step-by-step program breaks through "art fear," self-consciousness, and self-doubt by replacing the reader's inner critic with a supportive advocate, encouraging play and facilitating self-discovery and self-acceptance. In this interactive workbook, Diaz guides us through painting, drawing, and mixed-media exercises; multicultural ceremonies; and periods of meditation, reflection, and ritual.

Nurturing, challenging, and inspiring, Diaz's techniques show us that though we may not see our art in galleries or museums, we can—and are meant to—know the experience of creation, as a powerful source of healing, change, and growth for ourselves and the for the world around us.

Freeing the Creative Spirit: Drawing on the Power of Art to Tap the Magic and Wisdom Within is available for purchase at


Excerpt from the essay “Brush With God, Creativity as Practice and Prayer”

“ Life is an amazing, suspenseful phenomenon in which we are both the master and the work. Our joys, sorrows, defeats, and accomplishments ultimately hinge on our ability to relate to mystery. At times we must have the courage to yield control. At other times life demands that we take action, whether we want to or not. . .When Picasso learned from the study of African masks that art was the mediator between human terrors and the unknown forces of the universe, he recognized, as we all must, that creativity is our innate and sacred gift, the ultimate prayer.”
The Soul of Creativity; New World Library (1999)
Editor: Tona Pearce Myers

Excerpt from the essay “Tantric Tango”

“After some years of study . . .tango practice opens a door to a completely unexpected experience: the spiritually ecstatic state. What begins as a dance becomes The Dance. Tango becomes a study of the seven chakras from the inside out, all pulsating with Divine energy. It teaches all there is to know about Yin and Yang. It is, as in Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha, the full metaphor: the river, the boat, and the boatman.”
Sacred Voices, Essential Women’s Wisdom Through the Ages; Harper San Francisco (2002)
Editor: Mary Ford-Grabowsky

March 2006, Vol. 13 No. 6
"Coach Taps Art as Source of Inspiration for Life" by Adriana Diaz

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