"In much less time than traditional therapy, Adriana was able to help me identify and name those core issues that were holding me back."
 ~ J.M., Oakland, CA

 In The Spirit - A Philosophy

I guess there’s a little Forrest Gump in me, because I think of life as an orange: the most important thing is to squeeze as much juice out of it as possible. And let’s not just get the juice, let’s lick the pits before we spit them out. Lets catch the pulp in our teeth, and grate the zest into our salad. Let’s smell and taste and experience the whole orange!

I love Coaching because it lets me help people get more juice out of life. And along the way, they learn that even the bitter pulp serves to bring out the sweetness of the fruit.

Coaching is a choice to change one’s life for the better. Each change affects the overall balance of life’s interactive parts. Coaching, then, that begins with career-related issues (for example) may lead to a re-examination of values or spiritual issues. Working on those issues will anchor new behavior in conscious self-definition and genuine self-identity.

I am dedicated to assisting my clients to mine the innate wisdom that allows them to live authentically. The discovery of inner strengths and resources leads to the ultimate goal of Coaching: good health and dynamic personal harmony. Without this, pragmatic tools remain external implements for handling life at arm’s length.

Imagine eating an orange wearing a pair of rubber gloves that mute all the textures of the fruit. Eat the fruit with your hands, I say, that's the only way to live.

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