In Your Fashion

“In Your Fashion” is a Special Focus Coaching process designed to explore issues of self-image and self-identity. The purpose is to bring the client into truthful and harmonious alignment, understanding, and appreciation of who they are. Coming to know one’s unique personal characteristics, talents, and values, amazingly opens the doors to self-expression in every aspect of life.

A good deal of self-image actually comes from external voices and childhood experiences. "In Your Fashion” Coaching is grounded in the soul work of self-definition. Our process roots out the sources of interior judgement, erases the detrimental fiction of the past, rewriting the true personal story of an energetic and celebratory life. This brings the client into a full life lived in the present tense.

Major weight loss, cosmetic surgery, hair implantation, divorce, illness, and aging are just some of the events that can cause changes or cataclysmic crises of self-identity and self-worth. These are the times when this Coaching process gives the greatest returns. I guide my clients to know the entire gambit of fascinating moods and personas within. Each person is a universe waiting to be discovered.

Fashion, cosmetics, hairstyles, then are all forms of self-expression: artforms to be explored and played with. Doing that kind of creative play, anchored in the soul work of this Coaching process catalyzes an energetic reconciliation and synergy between the dimensions of the self. A well-chosen wardrobe becomes a well-tuned instrument to fit every mood.

Nothing is as important to a healthy life as a confident, balanced sense of self-worth. Let your light shine!

Harness Your Star Power!       

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