It is such a privilege to be apart of such an amazing class. I enjoyed the discussion and I really appreciate the feedback I received. 
  ~ Kaye Williams 

Adriana's brilliant inquiry, capacity to grasp deep thought and then turn muddy water into a clear stream of flowing words is just simply a talent unfathomable to me
  ~ Allison Bliss

Allison Bliss Consulting: Marketing & Communications

I always feel fully self-expressed in Adriana's writing class. It's fun,
educational and therapeutic. Definitely a great place to spend my Saturday
 ~ Farita Toney  

Women Write Now!
An Open Letter to Women Who Want To Write

Throughout 2013 the local, national, and international news was relentlessly filled with stories about violence and abuse toward women and girls. In war zones and otherwise peaceful cities around the world women were murdered, kidnapped, raped, and religiously persecuted. Age was not a factor, nor, often, politics. Women were abused by strangers and families alike. By November, I couldn’t stand it any more. Every news report filled me with anger and grief. A question began to roll back and forth through my mind: What can I do?

I thought of the brave young woman, MulalaYousafzai, shot while riding the bus to school. If a girl going to school could provoke an army of grown men to violence, it’s clear that women’s work can be dangerous. Yet Mulala’s voice subsequently echoed throughout the planet, inspiring the courage and determination of women to stand up for themselves in spite of threats and admonitions. In just that way, the silent Rosa Parks catalyzed a revolution in the world around her.

So the answer to ‘what can I do?' became clear: Take action where I live.

A phrase came to me then: Women Write Now! It was a declaration and a command. So, I announced the news to friends and colleagues: I will start teaching small writing classes to strengthen the voices of women who live in my community. These classes will be called Women Write Now!

I’ve been a teacher since 1968. My first specialty in teaching literature was theater, as I also studied to be an actor. Over time, I was called on to share my technique of teaching creativity with my book, Freeing the Creative Spirit. Following that, I had the good fortune to publish essays and some poems, as well. When a non-fiction book I was writing turned into a novel, I became a student again and studied fiction writing. My specialty as a teacher of creativity grew into work as a life and leadership coach, and by the time I decided to empower women writers, I realized that I had a lot to offer.

The first classes of Women Write Now! were held in April of 2014, and I could not have anticipated the powerful sense of fulfillment that came with the growing pride and confidence of every participant. An important factor in the success of our process is the support participants give each other. The classes set in motion a creative vibration that continues far beyond the range of any single person.

Each group is no larger than five participants. Each class commitment is six weeks long. I am also available for individual consultation, manuscript analysis and editing. Let the word reach out, if you are a woman who has any desire to write, call to learn more. 510 530-4182.

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